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Classic ISO Steel Windows by MHB SL30 Steel Windows by MHB

The Thinnest Thermally Broken Steel Profile in the World

MHB has more than 75 years of experience in windows and places a strong focus on innovative and aesthetic solutions. The result is a range of products that combine superior characteristics in terms of thermal insulation and wind and water tightness with outstanding elegance.

Ultra-Thin SL30-ISO Windows by MHB

1 3/16" Wide Profiles, 9' High Glazing

MHB takes advantage of steel's natural strength and durability to create profiles at 3 times the bending resistance of aluminum at half the size. This is especially unique when you consider that MHB's thin profiles are applied to not only the sightlines and mullions but to structural muntins. Through MHB, having staggered set steel windows is a thing of the past.

Classic-ISO Windows by MHB

Ultra Modern to Classic Traditional

MHB's steel window systems are able to adapt to the architect's design, each thermally broken for enhanced performance to future proof your project for decades to come.

Chosen by World Class Architects

When the Brenne Architects in Berlin were tasked to reinvigorate the Bauhaus Institute in Dessau, they wanted an ultra-slim steel window that would keep out water, wind, and ensure great thermal performance while maintaining all the historical functionality of the original design. The only product capable of achieving that came from MHB.

Classic ISO steel window by MHB

Water and Wind Tight

MHB's steel systems are able to conceal a fully integrated water drainage system in the profiles thanks to their superior sealing components. This results in a high level of window and water tightness without any visible holes or rain caps.

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