Western Window Systems

Custom Views, Proven Performance

Western specializes in custom luxury window systems for residential, commercial, multi-family, religious, institutional, and hospitality facitlities.

It is the only manufacturer that allows the builder, architect, designer and/or homeowner complete control, ensuring that the windows, doors, hardware, and more are built with a consistent look and quality that only a single-source supplier can offer.

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Western Window Systems at a glance

Thermal Break Technology

Thermal break technology allows aluminum windows to be a high performance choice for building in harsh climates. Western Window Systems' thermal break capabilities expand the horizon of possibilities. High humidity and extreme hot or cold temperature will no longer be a factor when specifying.

Duo-Pane Insulating Glass

Considered the Gold Standard for manufacturing insulating glass units, a dual seal system consisting of a primary seal of polyisobutylene (PIB) and a secondary seal of silicone. Western's two most common IG configurations, Max Plus and Max Plus Triple, are manufactured using high performance soft coat LoE.

Aluminum Frame Finishes

Frame finishes are available in virtually any color of high performance paint and a range of anodized finishes from Satin Clear to Black. Our most popular frame finishes are Warmtone Tan paint and Dark Bronze anodized.

Sliding Doors

With clean, narrow lines that operate smoothly and provide maximum security without additional unsightly gadgets, Western combines superior frame finishes, state-of-the-art glass products, tried and proven hardware and long-lasting weather-stripping components to produce one of the finest sliding glass doors in the industry.

The Window Wall

When it comes to showcasing a beautiful view, theres no better way than with a Series 600 Window Wall. Each and every one is individually engineered to suit its purpose and custom designed to meet any need, including making glass fit around a rock.

15 Wood Grain Aluminum Finishes

Wide Grain, Walnut, Medium Grain, Three kinds of Mahogany, Light Oak, Knotty Pine, Douglas, Darknut, Cherrywood, Burlwood, Barnwood, American Oak, and American Nut

Inspiration Gallery

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  • Interior Residence with Western Window & Door Systems
  • Interior Residence with Western Window & Door Systems
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