Albertini Italian Windows

The Wooden Window since 1954

Quality, performances, comfort and accurate aesthetics. Since 1954, Albertini has produced windows and doors of wood, wood-aluminium and wood-bronze that distinguish themselves by their structural integrity, functionality and considerable beauty, adaptable to any architectural style and taste.

Albertini windows, available in more than a thousand configurations and in six production lines, are the ideal solution for any house and commercial building thanks to the fact that they perfectly fit in any kind of environment and supply custom-made solutions to any customer need.

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Albertini Italian Windows at a glance

Quality at the top

Respect for the environment, committment to sustainable development and Albertini's ongoing pursuit of excellence, both in product and in service: these are the values which permitted Albertini to obtain the ISO 9001:2000 Quality Standard and the ISO 14001:2004 Environmental Standard Certifications.

Window Options

Adaptable to any architectural solutions with a main frame of 68x82 mm and sash of 68x80 mm; it is feasible in first quality massive or laminated wood and guarantees excellent acoustic and thermal performances.

Provided with double gaskets, ribbon edge gear and routered hinges with triple regulation with hoods of covering in many colors, it is supplied with insulated low emission glass pane of 26-28 mm, soundproofing or selective, in order to improve the comfort in every place and in every season.

Lift and Slide Doors

Suitable for big surfaces, it is feasible with more than one sliding or fixed leaves, also in curved in plan units. It is provided with bottom track and the 3 sides frame is 178 mm deep. This system is capable to support security and safety glazing due to the special hardware with 300 kg maximum load each leaf


Handles, PVC hinge covers, integral roll-down screens, window shutters, double window-panes and more: during your visit to our showrooms you will be supported by experts that will help you to choose among the range accessories or to find alternatives customized on every type of architectural solutions.

Wood Species

Albertini selects woods species whose aesthetic and structural properties suit them to today's architectural demands such as Meranti, Larch, Oak, ALder, Mahogany, Plantation Teak, Pine, and Pine available from FSC Forests

Bronze Cladding

The extruded Architectural Bronze that forms the external cladding of Albertini windows lends the charming natural beauty of this noble metal. characterized by its gracefully aging patina, while providing durable, robust protection against extreme environments.

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